Guy’s Group


Announcing a New Group for Men

For many men, talking about feelings is not in their wheelhouse. But for all men, feeling connected and supported is essential. That’s where Guy’s Group fits in.

Guy’s Group is an intergenerational group designed for smart, capable men dealing with depression, anxiety or relationship issues. This group offers the right balance of support and accountability, and is a place for men to be real with each other about what’s going on in their lives.

For the past 9 years, I’ve led men’s therapy groups for college students and adults. I’ve also been a member of three groups myself. So I can attest personally and professionally to the power of men gathering with the intention to support one another.

Guy’s Group is geared for men 20s-50s seeking to:

  • Balance the demands of work and relationships
  • Break negative habits and patterns
  • Build true confidence and self-esteem
  • Connect with other men for perspective and support

To learn more or to make a referral, call me at (828) 458-0700.