Dad Haiku

When you have a toddler, and a job, and a marriage, and a dog, you don’t have time for yourself. There’s no time for relaxing or being off-duty. There’s always work to do, and it’s exhausting. And thrilling, and all kinds of wonderful, too. But sometimes it sucks. I wish I had time to sit […]

Burn the Barn

We bought a house with a rotten deck. And a busted up shed. We were first-time homebuyers, 5 months pregnant, and strangers to the area. We needed to close the deal, gut the house and bring it out of the 60s, and get in there before Rowan was born. That was the plan. And it mostly […]

My Favorite 4-Letter Word

I vividly remember the first and only time I heard my mom curse. My brother Scott and I were riding backseat in her maroon Buick LeSabre, probably on some summer weekday morning. Mom shuttled us everywhere when we were boys – to swim team practice, piano lessons, soccer scrimmages, our friends’ houses across town – […]

Carburetor Heart

I love mowing the grass. Growing up near Raleigh, the summer heat dictated a special kind of routine for us neighborhood boys. Mornings involved eating [insert sugary cereal of choice] and watching cartoons. After that, going to swim-team practice or doing house chores if you were unlucky, riding bikes on the greenway, and building a […]

The Secrets Men Keep

Men keep a big secret. And today, I’m going to reveal it. I’m going to let you in on one of the deepest, darkest secrets of manhood. But first, I want to tell you a story of what happens when you put 50 men together for a weekend and ask them to talk about what […]