Welcome to Beam Counseling & Coaching

Take the road less traveled. Located in beautiful Asheville North Carolina, Beam Counseling & Coaching provides traditional and innovative options for individuals, couples and professional organizations seeking a progressive path to change. Psychologist and outdoor enthusiast Brent Beam, Ph.D. holds counseling and coaching sessions year-round, in the office and on the trail.

As a Psychologist and Leadership Coach, Brent trained as a generalist and sees tremendous benefit in the standard modes of therapy and coaching. He also believes in the healing power of being in natural spaces. For those interested, he offers counseling and coaching sessions in an ideal setting for exploration, facilitation and change – the great outdoors.

Whether in the office or on the trail, Beam Counseling & Coaching provides an enriching opportunity to develop the skills and insights that lead to a happier, healthier life. Highly personalized counseling and coaching is available for adults, couples, college students, adolescents, and those dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.